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Adress - Micaela Bastidas 3, Mz. K-48, 1st floor. Distrito 26 de Octubre. Piura - Perú.                                                           - Calle Santa Rosa 236 Alto Moche, Miramar – Trujillo. Perú.


Our History

EMSO General Services is a renowned and dynamic company based in Piura, an industrial city in the northern region of Perú. Founded in 2012 by the Seminario family. EMSO began providing general edge services to local companies, on 2015 we increase our capacity to provide marine services, marine equipment, spare parts, supplies in different Peruvian ports and general services ashore. Besides we supply all kinds of ships, vessels, and the offshore industry.

EMSO Ship Chandler seeks to become one among the leaders in marine supply, one that is reliable and professional and that serves at all Peruvian ports. Having a reasonable experience, we offer a quick service and we supply with high-quality products at competitive prices for all types of vessels offshore and for the land companies.


Providing the best provisioning service to all ships of national and foreign flag that berths in our ports of services, we will achieve your satisfaction and we will consolidate as part of the largest network of contacts and services worldwide.


To be a company with global reach, leaders in maritime services with the best quality of work to be able to guarantee the satisfaction of our collaborators and customers.

Core Values

At EMSO we know the exigencies and the necessary high-quality standards to reach in every service and operation. For this reason, our services have elemental pillars which ensure us the best results, valuing and respecting the cultural diversity of all our customers.

  • Responsibility We respect the worth, quality, diversity, and importance of each customer who works with or is served by EMSO Ships Service Line.
  • Excellence We constantly follow excellence and quality through teamwork, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and innovation.
  • Respect Respect for our clients and collaborators is an extremely important core value of our company and is intertwined into everything we do. We are proud to be an organization that puts so much emphasis on respecting the individual in both professional and personal.
  • Consideration People are the source of our strength and the focus of our mission. We serve all our customers with compassion and dignity.

EMSO is committed to ensuring that our services and business practices are safe, responsible and transparent, in accordance with our Core Values and the principles of human rights, labor rights, environment, and anti-corruption. We introduce corporate sustainability as collaborative and systematically work to reduce negative and increase the positive impacts on people, society and the environment. We further aim to motivate the growth of society and our company by leveraging the core strengths of our team and the strategic alliances with our local producers to address global challenges through innovation, investment and collaboration.

We are your best ally, we strive to provide a recommended service experience.